Saturday, February 9, 2013

Darth Vader filet crochet doily

I recently (this past year or so) became familiar with filet crochet. I wanted to learn more about it, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is done with the same basic crochet stitches that I already know! I went about teaching myself how to make a doily.

My first project was a flag, made with a free pattern that I found online. Once I had the basics down, I just had to make something that was all my own. My husband is a huge Star Wars fanatic, and I wanted to make something for him. I have already made him the PixelHobby stormtrooper, so I decided on Darth Vader this time. Besides, who would be the least likely person in Star Wars to find crocheted into a doily? That's right, Darth Vader!

Here is the finished product:

I love how it turned out! My husband wants us to frame it so we can put it on the wall.
I had so much fun making this one, that I decided to fix up the pattern into a professional format, and I have added it to my Etsy store if anyone is wanting a copy. I hope everyone has as much fun making this one as I did!