Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I made a hat!

I was looking online at a bunch of video game crochet items, and I cam across a hat that was adorable and didn't look too difficult to make. I decided to give it a go.

I went to the store to get some yarn, since I didn't have any in the right color, and I started that night. I didn't get to finish it that same night because I started it late, but I did get it done the next day. Here it is!

I found a simple double crochet pattern online that I used, and I made up the bottom edge to look like the bottom of the ghost, too. The mouth was done using a new technique that I had never tried before, but it came out great! (Yes, it's a little wonky, but that adds to the cuteness.) I will most likely be using this method again in the future, as it was easy and looks awesome.

I will probably be making a lot of game themed items here over the next few months, and I will be sure to post pictures!