Friday, May 17, 2019

Facebook page update!

I knew having a Facebook page for my business was a good idea, but I never really did much with it after creating it. I posted something here and there whenever I remembered, but those posts were very few and very far between. There was a period where I even listed a few things, thinking I would try and sell both there and on Etsy.
Lately, however I have been working on actually updating it. I have done more with my page in the last 2 weeks than I did in the few years prior. I removed the old sales listings except for a couple that I will leave for now, and I have been adding the events I will be at. The best things I have come across is scheduling posts!

I have been remiss in posting here on my blog the past couple weeks, mainly because of the work on my chainmail items, but also because I have been working on my Facebook page, as well as researching other cons and fairs to attend. In the space of a couple weeks I went from planning on one con to try it out to having 2 confirmed and putting in applications and requests to at least 3 others.

Things are definitely starting to move forward even more for me. This has already been my busiest year, and it isn't even June yet! I am loving it, too! I want to do more, more, more! Eventually, if I can, I want to be able to leave the day job and do this as my primary job. I'm definitely not there, yet, but if things keep picking up the way they have.... who knows?


  1. I wish you all the luck!!!

  2. It would be awesome if you could be a crafter full time - good luck!