Monday, July 25, 2011

Mario Tissue-Box Cover

While packing for a vacation to Las Vegas, I came to the conclusion that my current craft projects would not be good to take with me on a plane. The chain-mail belt would be too heavy, and my Pixel Hobby project isn't very portable. I had to quickly come up with something that I could carry around with me, but wouldn't be too heavy or take up too much space.

I started looking online for some inspiration. I came across a picture of a plastic canvas Super Mario tissue box cover. Aha! It was perfect. I already had some yarn from making the huge Mario latch-hook, so I needed very little in supplies. After a quick trip to the hobby store, I was good to go!

I started while in the airport, waiting to board the plane. I worked during the flight and got this far by the time we were there.

While there I grabbed some time here and there to relax and work on it. I didn't get much done at the time, but -hey- I was in Vegas on vacation!

When I got home, I ended up setting it aside while I started working on another project for my fiance. After a couple weeks, I came back to it and started working again.

While reading on some forums, I noticed that someone had the idea to take pictures every 2 hours of their project. I tried to do that, too.

I couldn't keep track of time very well, though.

Then, I finally finished it all and put it together. It ended up so cute! I'm toying with the idea of creating more patterns for other characters possibly from other games as well. If I do end up making it, I will be sure to post it up here!


  1. I love your mario box... which kind of thread and what canvas count did you use ? it looks great !!

  2. I used regular 7-mesh plastic canvas, and red heart super saver yarn. Simple and cheap stuff!