Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Custom order

I have been working lately on a couple of custom orders from a couple of my customers.
The first was a personalized custom cross stitch iphone case.
Here is a picture of the finished product (the lighting wasn't so great when I took the picture, the colors are much more distinct):

It came out really cute!
I haven't completed the second order, yet, so I don't have any pictures. I'll post them next time, though!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Needle minder craze!

I found some awesome materials with which to make needle minders. I went a little crazy and made a whole bunch. They came out so cute, and I love them!
I already have them listed in my Etsy store, but here are some pictures of my favorites:

Friday, December 2, 2016

I haven't been stitching

Instead, I have been working on more chainmail items.
I have actually made a few necklaces that I am totally in love with! Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of them, but I do hope to get some good photos this weekend.

I also made some pendants with a new type of rubber rings for me: glow-in-the-dark!
I have some neon glowy rubber rings that I made some pendants out of, and I have to admit that I just absolutely love them! I loved them so much, that I made one of each color to get pictures, and I have already listed them in my Etsy store.

Here is a picture of all 4 of them together:

I just realized that I should try to get a picture of them glowing in the dark, if possible. That is more difficult than it sounds, however. I'll see what I can get and will post a picture of it, if I can get a good enough image to show up.

There are a bunch of new needle minders in the works right now. I hope to post about them soon and have them listed in my Etsy store. Please stay tuned!