Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charity auction project

I know I haven't posted lately! I haven't been working much on craft items the past several months. Instead, I was studying for a technical certification for the day job. On a good note, I am now Network+ certified! Woohoo!

Anyway, back to the subject of this new post!

As soon as I saw Starrley's "Geeky Towel of Awesomeness", I knew right away that I just had to make one. I downloaded and saved the pattern and had it in my ever-growing to-do pile of projects (most of which will probably never get done).
Here is a link to the thread on Spritestitch for the original. Time went by, and my project list grew, and I never got around to making the Awesome towel.

My husband and his family are into Star Trek and Starfleet, and they started planning a gathering of people from all over that will include a charity auction, proceeds of which will go to help juvenile diabetes. He and his father were collaborating on building and painting a model of the Enterprise for the auction. I got to thinking of what I might be able to do, and it hit me that I finally had the perfect reason to make the towel!

I decided to make 2 of them, since a pair will probably bring higher bids than just the one. Not only that, but just one decorative towel seems a bit awkward, to me. I had a few weeks to work on them, so that gave me plenty of time. I didn't work on them as much as I should have, so I was (of course) left trying to hurry up on the second towel.

I did finally finish them both, though! Here are some pictures of my progress, and the final product, just in time for the auction this weekend!