Monday, June 17, 2019

Commissions done!

After the success of my last convention, I had some commissions to make. My ring order came in over the weekend, and I was able to get all of my commissions complete (except for one for a friend, so there is no rush on that one).
Here is a picture of the commissions that I had left to do.

The green and black piece is a neck shield to attach to a paintball mask. The bottom is a purple and yellow dice bag, and the one on the right is a specialized lanyard with attachments for some small tools (I still need to attach the second end to the ring, I just want to make sure of the length when I deliver it).

I have a few dice bags to make, as well as some bracelets to replenish my inventory.
Then, I might get some stitching time in. (I may sneak some in this week, anyway). 

Monday, June 10, 2019

It has already been 10 days!

Time just seems to fly by, anymore. I can't believe it has already been 10 days since my last post!

I just finished that big 3 day con that I have been so excited for, and let me say... it was amazing! I already knew that this was my primary customer base, but I did so well this weekend. My income was about 3x my best day at a craft fair. Since it was local, I had no hotel costs, since I just stayed at home!
I am super happy with how things turned out, if you couldn't tell! I have a couple more multi-day conventions booked later in the year in other parts of the state. Even with hotel costs for those, if I do half as well, I'll still be good.

The artist alley tables were actually along the halls in the convention center, so it was actually a lot of fun to just people watch as see all the cool costumes. I definitely want to keep doing conventions, and who knows? I may start attending some out of state soon, too!

This year so far has been so busy! Before now, I used to attend maybe 4 or 5 craft fairs in a year, at most. This year I have already attended about 7 or 8 events, with 5 more confirmed and a few more pending. 
While at the con, I actually got several commissions, as well! My first was for a chainmail dice bag (for a friend of mine). I actually was able to get that completed by the end of day 2 of the con. It gave me something to work on when things would slow down.
I also made a special bracelet for the girl at the booth next to me. She was wanting special colors that I did have, but just didn't have anything made with. I got that done before the end of the con, too.
I also got 2 other commissions from customers, that I am super happy about. One for a chainmail lanyard, and another for a dice bag.

Overall, I am very excited about attending conventions, now, since my first 2 have been so successful. I will now be making some more chainmail to replenish my stock. I'll get some pictures later!

Eventually, I'll get back to stitching. Hopefully. I have 3 weeks until my next con, so I may dedicate a week in there to just stitching. I can start my new secret project!