Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Post for 2015! HAP beginning update

Happy New Year!

Earlier I mentioned that I was going to join a new SAL for HAP (Huge ASS Projects) for 2015. Crossed Stitches is hosting the new year HAP SAL. I only have 2 projects that qualify at this time (technically only 1, but considering the size, anyone in the world would consider the other a HAP). Here are pictures of  my progress on both of them, as of today.

 Qingming Festival

San Francisco

I think my biggest progress will be on Qingming this year, but you never know. San Francisco may start screaming at me the way Qingming did to finish page 2.

I don't have any progress to report on the mousie. I found an addictive game for my phone, and I had a sudden interview at work for a promotion, so I haven't been in the stitchy mood. More will be coming soon, though!


  1. Just popping by from the HAP SAL, nice projects and great starts to them ")

  2. Yay for Qingming progress - it's really starting to come together! I've finally gotten the fabric for my HAP, so hopefully I'll have a starting post of my own this weekend :)

  3. Love both designs Sasha. I forgot I had San Francisco.


  4. Both designs are fantastic. Keep it up!

  5. How nice to see a rooftop in San Fran! I keep forgetting to ask; do you find working with the printed fabric on Qingming to be difficult? It seems like it'd really help with avoiding miscounting but maybe it's distracting?