Sunday, March 13, 2016

Craft fair failure

I went to my first craft fair of the year yesterday, and I totally bombed!
It is completely disheartening. There just didn't seem to be many people, plus with where my booth was located, I think I just didn't get as much traffic as I usually do. I didn't even make enough to cover the cost of the booth space. Ugh!

This time was not a total loss, however. I did get to make a couple bracelets, and made another strip for the purse I have been working on.
I have also been toying with the idea of taking my stretchy chainmail bracelets and attaching a charm or pendant-type thing to them to change it up a bit. I bought the charms, but never actually got around to trying it out. While at the fair this weekend, I took some of my completed bracelets, and started attaching some of the pendant/charms.
I like how some turned out, others are kindof odd, but I'm hoping that maybe people will like them.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of those bracelets right now. I'll post some later, though!
In the mean time, here are a couple pictures of some of the earrings I have made!

These displays actually have 4 levels, but I purposely took pictures of the bottom 3, since the colors seem to all go together on these. I just love these star/flowers! I just wish I could wear them, myself. My ears are way too sensitive, and I have a very hard time finding earrings I can wear.

I forgot to take pictures of my stitchy progress (I have been working on the Christmas project some more), so I will get a picture and have another post soon!


  1. What a shame. Could you try etsy? You might find customers there who are actually looking for the things you are selling, instead of taking a chance at the craft fair. Good luck!

  2. So sorry to hear your craft fair wasn't successful. I agree with Justine about trying etsy. Good luck. :)

  3. So sorry. My mom sold at craft fairs for about 20 years. You just never know. One time would be a bust and the next time we'd make double what we thought we would. I know it hurts to not be successful though. Good luck with your next one!!