Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hello Mousie

I picked up my mousie again!
It had been so long since I last worked on the mousie, that I had no idea what color I had been using and had no idea where I had left off. Because of this, I just started filling in the top until I discovered the color that I had been working on. Once I figured that out, I started working the opposite direction that I had been working until I met up with where I had left off. So, I have yet another color done!
I went ahead and counted (and way overestimated) the number of stitches in this project, since I didn't know where I had left off. I may change my stitch counter on the left back to the number of colors, though, since I am back on track with the plan of all of each color at a time.

Here is where I was last, when I had set aside the mousie:

And here is where I am after this week of progress: