Monday, October 10, 2016

99 Bottles - Beer #6

My husband had a paintball event this past weekend. I joined him on the second day, and had a great time. Weather-wise, it was a perfect day. Afterward we all met for lunch/dinner and I was able to have another beer for my project! Luckily, I had the list on my phone this time, so I was able to pick from what they had available.

This time, I selected Red Stripe Lager, which is apparently from Jamaica. The menu had this one listed as Easy Drinking, and I just love the bottle it came in.

What I didn't like: It didn't seem like anything special. It was more like generic Beer. I didn't notice anything about it that would set it apart for me.

What I did like: Honestly, my favorite part about this beer is the bottle it came in. It is an unusual shape and is different.

Overall, this beer wasn't all that bad. It had an ever so slight bitter taste to it to, and had a nice full flavor. I don't anticipate ordering it again, but if it comes down to this or any of the cheap American beers out there, I will take this every time.

 Here is the stitched version of the bottle:
 Here are all my completed bottles so far:

The restaurant that we were in had quite a few other beers from the list, but I selected this one since it is closer to the others on the chart. I almost chose another one, then realized it was closer to the bottom, so I changed my order!


  1. This is my sisters favorite beer and my Son In Law is from Jamaica, so this is all he drinks. I don't mind one or two of these.

  2. lol great update :). I haven't tried this one yet but I probably would