Monday, April 17, 2017

2 weeks done on the Kickstarter project!

So, we are now 2 weeks into the Kickstarter, and I am extremely proud to say that it is funded! I made it to my goal earlier today, and I am so excited!
I have added an new item as a reward for the project, the scale flower barrettes that I posted about previously. If you have been interested in getting one of the chainmail items I have posted about, check it out! You can get one of your very own!

More fun chainmail items -- Kicktraq Mini

This past week, I haven't made a whole lot. There are only a couple things that I actually finished. I had a custom order for one of the bow ties that I can make. One of my co-workers wanted a purple rubber with pink rings tie. I finished it up and it looks awesome. (Now I just need to figure out the elastic for around the neck. Shouldn't be too hard.)

In addition to finishing the tie, I also made a couple more barrettes that I have as a reward in the kickstarter project. I got a few more scale colors, so I decided to whip up a couple more as an example. All are pictured below.

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