Saturday, April 14, 2012

Disney Dreams: The Lion King - One week down

After being discouraged from working on this due to the thread issues, I haven't worked much on this project this week. I have since received the correct thread needed, so I am good to go.
I also have had a soreness in my right arm (probably from too much crafting!). 
Here is my progress so far:


  1. Hoorah! Yay for getting your threads and being able to really get started. I hope your arm gets better soon, that sucks when it hurts like that :S Looking good!

  2. I just went to Hobby Lobby and saw this kit in person - it's so pretty! I had only seen tiny pictures of it before, but the amount of detail in all of the animals is incredible! There is lots and lots of backstitching, and lots of sky, but sooo pretty! Don't be discouraged by the amount of sky - I actually had a lot of fun doing all of the sky on my piece. I'm glad I did it first though, because now it's lots of little things to stitch. Can't wait to see your next update!