Sunday, April 8, 2012

Disney Dreams: The Lion King

Perusing the forum of my favorite craft website,, I came across a thread that follows the progress of a fellow member making the Disney Dreams: Beauty and the Beast cross stitch kit.
I have always loved these and have wanted to make one myself, so I started looking online at which ones are available. As I was looking at the newest one (The Lion King) my fiance looked over and said, "That's really cool! If I buy you the kit, will you make that one?"
Immediately I said Yes! It was perfect! I get to make one of the Disney Collection, and I don't even have to pay for it!
Here is what it will look like once it is completed:

We were at the hobby store last weekend, and they happened to have it available, so we scooped it up and bought it right away. I got home and got started on it.

I would be a little farther along, but as I started to get another color ready, I noticed something odd. The dark purple was light and the light purple was dark. I immediately went through all my thread to make sure that I had all that I should quantity-wise, and it looked OK except for this one mixup between the 2 colors. Due to this error, I am going to end up being short on one of the colors (since I ended up with 18 strands of something I only need 8 for, and 4 strands that I need 18 of).
I have already emailed the company to see if they can verify that this issue is only that the 2 colors were switched, and if they can send me the strands that I will end up being short. I'm going to keep posting my progress on this blog and on spritestitch, so feel free to come back and follow along with my progress!

P.S. I am horrible with sticking with one project all the way through to the end. I will need major encouragement to keep going!

I received word back from the company about the thread issue that I was having. They agreed that most likely the 2 colors just got switched, however in order to make sure that both colors are correct, they are going to be sending me both colors. Yay! I've been so hesitant to work on this lately, that I've been avoiding it. Now I can continue! I even worked a little on it last night. My problem is that I'm not very fast. Oh well!


  1. Yay Sasha! So, I had noticed a few floss issues with my kit as well. Hopefully the issue you are having is, like you said, just a switch of colors, and I hope you are able to resolve it quickly. The company was really great getting me the correct floss pretty quickly, and I haven't had any other problems thus far. It definitely taught me to go through everything before I start though! Again, I'm so excited you started this - I hope you do see it through to the end :)

  2. It ill look fantastic when it is finished. Great start!

  3. I'm glad to see that it isn't just me having floss issues, but I'm sorry that it happened! I haven't heard back yet from the company. Hopefully soon!

  4. Hey I found your blog on spritestitch I am definitely going to follow your progress on this project and cheer you on, I also have trouble keeping with a project till the end, new ones are always tempting me to start them lol.