Sunday, April 17, 2016

99 Bottles - Beer #1

I actually have a couple different updates for today, but I wanted to keep my 99 updates separate.

I have officially started on the beer! Yay!
My husband, some friends, and I went out Friday night for dinner and drinks, so I decided to get started on the list of beers that I have. It took me a while to decide which one I wanted, so I got methodical and found out which beer was in spot 1A, found out that they had it available, and started with it.

The beer I went with was Blue Moon. Here are my thoughts on it.
The menu where we were described it as easy drinking. I liked that it came with an orange slice, as well.

What I liked: It really was an easy drinking beer. The orange slice gave it that extra oomph and set off the flavor just right.

What I didn't like: It actually needed that extra oomph from the orange slice, because otherwise I found it to be a little weak. The flavor was a little nondescript to me.

This would be a good "starter" beer for someone who hasn't had a lot of beer experience or for someone who doesn't care for beer much, because it does have a light flavor and isn't overpowering in any particular way. For me, personally, though, I prefer a little stronger beer.

Here is the picture of the bottle all stitched up, so lonely on the shelf by itself.


  1. Love it! It won't be a lonely bottle forever. You will probably finish yours much faster than I will finish mine anyway!

    1. What's most likely is that I'll end up giving up on tasting all the beers and stitch the rest up to be done with it! We'll see how long I make it!

  2. I like be this idea! I've never been a big blue moon fan because I find it a little bitter

  3. Good idea to start at the top, and great review!

  4. Nice start Sasha. I don't like any kind of beer or alcohol or wine. I have the fabric cut for this but have never started it.


  5. Great start! I hope you can find all 99 bottles to test. I'm afraid I've never heard of Blue Moon.

  6. My hubby wants to get a bottle from each and keep the cap. Then when I frame the piece we can put the caps around the frame too. Great first bottle!!

  7. Your review of Blue Moon is right on the nose. I have this chart in my todo pile. I love it. It will be fun watching your WIPS and maybe it will motivate me a little to start. I do like your idea of putting the shelves in first.

  8. A nice idea to taste all the beers that are charted on this project.

  9. Replies
    1. Take one down, pass it around? LOL