Friday, April 1, 2016

Nice to meet you!

I would like to first welcome all my new followers! I'm glad you have discovered me and like what you see enough to follow me for more updates!
I will be having my drawing on Sunday for the giveaway and will announce the winner!

This post is just a quick one to update on my beer project. I have started working on 99 by Ink Circles, and I have finished up the shelves. Woohoo! Now it's time for me to start sampling the beer!
I have added this to my project list along the side of the blog, and I will be counting each bottle completed as 1%. I figured I could count the shelves as the remaining 1% to get to 100% when all is said and done.
Here are my shelves!

I kinda draped it on the back of a chair for the picture, but rest assured that they are all the same width.


  1. It's like those photos of eye illusion!Which is the longest shelf?You answer the top and then you are told they are all the same if you look at them from a different angle!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. You must be really pleased to have finished the shelves! I like your idea of counting each bottle as 1%; definitely a good way of tracking your progress. Good luck with sampling your first bottle! :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the shelves filling up,great start

  4. Great start on the beer project, lol.

  5. Are you going to drink a bottle of beer with each stitched bottle? If so I don't recommend stitching more than one at a time!
    Great start.

  6. I like Justines idea lol but I would stop at 3 ;). Great start I have yet to see this completed!

  7. Fantastic work!!! Good luck with your beers. They go pretty fast and you can celebrate each one as a mini finish.