Saturday, June 11, 2016

Getting so close!

I still haven't received the goodies in the mail that I have been expecting, so I have been plugging away at Candy Cane Christmas, since it is so close to being finished. I'm going to be going on a trip next week, too. I will probably take Kyoto with me, unless my goodies get here before-hand (crossing my fingers). 

Here is where I was last week:
And here I am now:
Some of my progress is in white (I have completed all the white) so it isn't seen very well. I left off last night catching up on some backstitching. I won't get to work on it tonight, but tomorrow I will have all day. I'm hoping to be able to have a finish very soon!
Once this one is done, I think I want to switch over to my Mousie again. I haven't worked on it for so long!

Update on the stand that I bought. The seller did send me a screw that I was missing, but that was all they sent: one screw. So now I have 3 screws to put together the entire stand. This is getting so frustrating!


  1. It looks great! That sucks about the stand would it be easier just to go to the hardware store and grab some more screws?

  2. SO close! It's looking awesome! Happy stitching tomorrow:)

  3. CCC is so close now Sasha. It looks great.


  4. Stick with it! You're so close...

  5. You are on the finishing stretch ...