Saturday, May 25, 2019

Busy busy!

After last weekend's successful con, I really needed to start working on restocking my inventory. My goal from then to the big convention is to make at least one bracelet per night.
I have been so excited about everything that for the past week I have actually made 3 bracelets per night. This will definitely bolster my bracelet stocks!

This is a point where I am needing help. At this point, my biggest struggle is coming up with color combinations to make. I have black rubber with all manner of colors of aluminum, but I have all sorts of colors of rubber I can expand with, as well.
What are some of your favorite color combinations?


  1. Beautiful bracelets Sasha. I love blue and green, pink and purple, yellow and green, yellow and purple.


  2. Your making great progress on restocking! I love the rainbow ones.
    I think black and silver would make a great combination.

  3. Love them all. I would get a few so I have different colors to go with different outfits. You're picking great choices.