Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hidden secrets in the Lion King painting

Must keep motivated! One of the things that I have done to keep myself motivated on working on the Lion King, is I have the painting that my kit is based off of as the wallpaper on my work computer.
One day while looking at all the detail in the painting, I noticed something that is very easy to miss, and something that most likely the painter thought would be fun. In the bottom right corner area of the Lion King painting, there is an elephant with some birds perched on his tusks. The birds are in the cross stitch, no problem. But right next to the bird on the far right is something that isn't in the cross stitch (probably because the detail is too small to be able to do it). There is a very tiny Jiminy Cricket. I had to do a double take and stare for a moment the first time I noticed it, but it is surely there.
If you have a chance to find a large image of the painting, you should check it out! It is really neat.

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  1. As soon as I read your post I hunted down a photo of the Lion King painting and saw it for myself. Now I am wondering if there is any little secrets in any of the other paintings.