Saturday, August 30, 2014

New update

I finally finished my rotation period on the Midnight Enchanter. With my week and a half long vacation, he has gotten neglected. I'm glad I got to finish his block of time before really getting into studying for my next certification exam.

Here is where I ended up (you can see the book taking shape):

My plan for this lovely 3 day weekend is to study most of the time. If I need to clear my head from time to time, I'll probably pick up something to stitch for an hour, then back to the books. If all goes well, I will take my exam by the end of October. If all goes really well, I will take the exam by the end of September.
I will still keep trying to post from time to time, though. And, of course, I will keep up with all the blogs I follow, as well.


  1. Looks good! The detail is wonderful!

  2. Hello Sasha

    A lovely update on Midnight Enchanter!
    Good luck with the studying and your exam (: