Monday, October 27, 2014

I forgot!

Yes, I know I forgot my Friday update!
I thought about it on Saturday. I would have posted then, but I realized that not only did I forget to post, but I also forgot to take a picture of the progress on the pirate, so I had nothing to post.

So, here it is; 2 posts combined into one.
First, my should-have been-on-Friday post:

I have gotten more completed on the pirate. I did the blackened teeth and the backstitch around all the teeth. I even have most of the bandanna finished. I just need to finish up the bandanna and do the backstitching work and I am done!

Second, Saturday SAL:

I got some more letters completed, and I switched to work a little on the border. I needed some more color other than red!

Last, my giveaway:

I have mailed off the items to my giveaway winner, Jenilee! I'm not going to post any pictures, though, until she receives them!

I want to thank everyone who entered. This was my first giveaway, and I have learned things from it to help make the next one go smoother (for me) and more fun (for all of you). 
Happy stitching!


  1. Love that funny pirate! Would fit in well in my workplace.

  2. Great progress on both pieces Sasha. I started fill in the letters with 321 and don't like it. I have to rip it out and I'm going to use 666. So no progress.


  3. Must be exciting to be so close a piratey finish!

    I agree with the switching colors; sometimes you just need a break!

  4. Great work on both projects! I can't wait to stitch more of CCC this Saturday!