Monday, October 13, 2014

I want to have a giveaway!

 Surprise Pattern Giveaway

So, I see lots of people having a giveaway for birthdays, blogiversary, etc. I want to have a giveaway, too! I don't have any particular reason, I just want to give away something and possibly make some more crafty friends in the process.
I don't have many finished items to use for this giveaway (I'll have to check my finished item stash to be sure), but something I do have a lot of is patterns! I recently combined all my leaflets, booklets, and magazines into one box, and I nearly filled the thing. See below:

There are no kits in this box, it's all patterns. This isn't even counting all the digital patterns I have saved up. I have cross stitch, crochet, and plastic canvas patterns all over! I even have some beading patterns and a couple quilting magazines, as well. So, I want to have a surprise pattern giveaway. The winner will receive a few patterns from my stash, picked by me, based on your preferences (see below).

Here's what to do:
  1.  Follow my blog!
    1. That's it, just click on the Join This Site or Follow button on the right-hand side!
  2. Add a comment to this post, and let me know what crafts you like!
    • Whether it be plastic canvas, cross stitch, crochet (I may even have some needlepoint)
    • Also, anything specific: such as flowers, landscapes, people, holiday, animals, etc.
    • Be as vague or specific as you want
      • Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee I will have something in the specific style you like, but I will try to get close!
    •  Or, just say "surprise me", and I will pick some things on my own!
  3. (optional) Promote my giveaway on your blog or website
    • I put this as optional, as I realize not everyone has their own blog or website. It isn't necessary, but I would greatly appreciate it!

Bonus: Earn a bonus entry by referring your friends! Have your friends post that you referred them, and you will receive an extra entry into the drawing!  

 Drawing will be held next Monday, 10/20/2014, and I will announce the winner(s).
(Yes, there may be more than one winner!)


  1. Yay, count me in, I'm a follower!! Surprise me (but no fairies or Disney designs, pretty please!) :D

  2. Wow, you do have a lot. Cutesy holiday! Or or or doilies! Cutesy doilies? (I don't even know how to make doilies yet haha) I will try to promote you too; it seems October is determined to drown me in doing All The Things! @_@

  3. Hooray! I love cross stitch, specifically Disney or Fantasy - themed ones. Which is why I love reading your blog :) I will make a post on my blog about this for you, too. I need to do a giveaway of some sort as well sometime. :)

  4. I'll follow you, I want to see more of your pictures. I like cross stitch, holidays or landscapes, but surprises are fun too.