Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More magnets!

I am definitely in the plastic canvas mood lately! I can't seem to stop making more magnets. I made one more Mario style magnet design, here:

Then I made some smaller ones! I made 3 whole sets of these tetris magnets, and they went so fast!

I am definitely still in the plastic canvas groove, so expect to see more from me! I already have some Kirby magnets planned. I would love to receive more ideas, if anyone has some!


  1. I like the Tetris ones! How fun and wouldn't stop playing with them :)

  2. My husband would have way too much fun with the Tetris magnets. As for ideas, Minecraft? You could totally make little creepers and endermens :D

  3. They are very sweet!
    I like plastic canvas too.
    Have a good week.