Friday, November 21, 2014

Sleeping woes

Not much stitching going on. This week, I have been taking care of my husband, who has been sick. Of course, I have gotten sick, as well, although I don't think it is the same thing my husband has because the symptoms are all different. Go figure.

So, I need some advice. I have somehow developed this annoying habit of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. It isn't so bad when I wake up an hour-ish before the alarm, but last night I actually woke up at 2:30 am! Granted, part of that could be the difficulty breathing form being sick, but this is just ridiculous. I ended up doing some stitching for about 30 minutes, then relaxing in my recliner and sleeping the rest of the night there.
I used to be such a sound sleeper. Now, about 3 times a week, I've started just waking up. My internal clock is messing with me, I guess. Tonight I'm going to be taking some Tylenol PM that will hopefully knock me out all night. But does anyone else have any ideas to stay asleep?

Back to the stitching. I did manage to finish up the 2 big Kirbys. Unfortunately, I left them at home, so I can't get a picture of them right now. I'll get the picture posted later. I do have a picture of the progress that I made on my next magnet set (at 2:30 this morning).

I know, they don't look like much, but I have one color (white, if you couldn't tell) done on all of them. Next, moving on to the light blue.


  1. Hopefully you feel better soon. As for sleeping through the night, I take diphenhydramine (the stuff in benadryl that makes you sleepy) and it's OTC. It lulls you to sleep and keeps you sleeping all night. It's worth a shot :)

  2. Hope you both get all better quickly. I never have problem sleeping so can't help ya out. Your new pieces are too cute. Good luck with them.