Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Popular magnets

I had a good weekend, although when I got to work yesterday, I felt really yucky, so I took a half day off and just crawled into bed to watch TV.
This morning, felt better, got to work, now not feeling so hot anymore. I think I'm sick of work. I'm going to try to tough it out today.

Anyway, this weekend I completed my next set of magnets! I actually sold one before I had completed the bunch! These, I think, are going to be really popular. I actually just sold another one while typing up this post, and I have another one spoken for by the co-worker who had originally requested it. I think I'll need to make even more!

They came out much cuter than I figured they would!

Also, from my last post, here is the picture of the large Kirbys.

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  1. Too cute! Hope you get to feeling better soon.