Saturday, August 6, 2016

99 Bottles - Beer #3

I had a chance to drink and stitch another beer for my 99 bottles project. I wanted to choose one on the top row, just to make things easier.

This time I tried Rogue Dead Guy. I just love the name!

The menu had this beer described as balanced.

What I liked: It was very drinkable. It has a nice full flavor, but isn't so bitter that I cringe whenever I take a large swallow.

What I didn't like: Because of that full flavor, it didn't seem to go well with what I was eating for dinner, and seemed to overpower the food a bit.

Overall I really did enjoy this beer, and I wouldn't mind having it again some time!

Here are the pictures of the stitched version (I had to skip a beer. The one I skipped isn't easily found around here):


  1. Nice work. You make me want to break mine out and work on it.

  2. Congrats on the bottle finish. I need to work on mine. So many projects not near enough time.

  3. Nice finish on the bottle and that sounds like a beer to have when you're out on the town. :) Or at home watching the game, etc.

  4. I like your fun idea to drink the sampler! Maybe I should get it and have hubby help out. Not a beer drinker myself.

  5. I have this chart in my todo pile. I love the way you are stitching it - a tasting along with a stitch or two.

  6. The bottle looks fun! Does the pattern include a list of the beers or do you have to guess?

    1. It does include a beer list and tells you which is which!