Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New chainmail items!

I have recently learned a new chainmail weave, and have been experimenting with it. The weave I learned is called Aura. It is really easy, and it looks awesome. I made a chain of segments and was very pleased with the results.

Then I discovered a downside to it. Unless you have a connector on all 3 sides, the outer double large rings like to flip inside out and hang. I don't know a better way of describing it, and I didn't take a picture of it. I looked online to see if there was a way of securing the bottom rings, and that's when I discovered the Inverted Aura.
Basically, the middle ring is doubled, and the outer ones are singles. It was perfect! Whilst not quite as easy to make as the aura, it holds its form, and looks amazing as a necklace.
So, I went about dismantling the Aura length I had made, and remade it with the Inverted Aura. I am going to attach some chain and a clasp to the ends and make it into a choker.

Here is a closeup:

I even made some earrings with this weave, and added some charms that I had on-hand. I'm tempted to add the stars to the necklace, too.
I loved the earrings so much, that I made them in several different colors!