Saturday, August 27, 2016

Needle minders!

I have been seeing everyone using needle minders and talking about their new minders and showing their minder collection, etc. I haven't really used a needle minder, but I got the sudden urge to make some, though.
I went to the handy dandy internet, and I ordered some magnets and a few items that I can turn into needle minders. Let me tell you, waiting for everything to come in the mail was excruciating! I wanted to make them now!

Finally, things started coming in, but the magnets weren't in, yet, so I had to stare at the supplies that I did have, and just wait on the rest to arrive. The magnets, at long last, came in 2 days ago, and I was so stoked!

I gathered up all my supplies, removed bits here, glued bits there, and Ta-Da! Here are pictures of some of my new needle minders (many of which may end up in my Etsy store!)!

I love them! My favorites are the Tardis (even though it is small (hey, it's bigger on the inside, anyway)) and the companion cube. These were super fun to make, and I want to just make more! I learned quite a bit with this batch, and I'm excited to get more supplies to keep making them!
I did learn from this batch. I actually had over twice this many, but the glue peeled right off of the smooth surface of the vinyl. I'm going to keep experimenting with them to see if I can get it to work OK without the glue peeling off.  I'll post pictures if I can get it to work.
My question to everyone out there. Do you use needle minders? Do you like them? I'm curious as to how I did, too! I welcome all feedback!


  1. My needle minders are my best purchases of recent years,I do not loose my needles any more.I prefer the smaller lighter type,they do not mark or distort my fabric.I have a few larger cameo type ones.They are decorative but too heavy for my taste now,they are fridge magnets these days!
    Love your handmade selection.

  2. I finally figured out what they were last October I think haha. I really thought they were refrigerator magnets haha. I love them!! I put them on my magnet board. I've noticed I really like the flat larger ones now. For people that use them on their fabric I think they prefer smaller ones.

    I like the ones you did very much. Good luck selling them!

  3. I love them and use them...but for scissors and floss not needles lol. Great job I love the hyrulian crest one :)