Thursday, September 29, 2016

99 Bottles - Beer #5

One of my husband's buddies is being deployed, so there was a going-away get-together with a bunch of us giving him a good send-off. Since I was the one designated to drive home, I only had one beer that night, but I made sure to try another one from my list!

This time I tried Modelo Negra. On the menu, it was listed under Amber Ales and Lagers.

I really enjoyed this one from the start. Every time I would take a sip, the first half second, there was a hint of something that I couldn't quite identify at first, then the rest of the flavors would take over. After taking a drink, if you sit for a moment that hint of flavor comes back for a few seconds in the aftertaste. It was almost a dark honey flavor.

What I liked: This beer was great to sip and enjoy on its own. I had mine with some lime, which was an excellent choice. Taking a taste of the lime after a drink of the beer was amazing. The flavors set each other off nicely!

What I didn't like: Once our food arrived, it didn't have the same flavor or effect. It didn't really go well with what I ordered, either, so I ended up drinking water while I had my food.

Overall, I recommend drinking this beer slowly while hanging out with friends. I wouldn't recommend drinking it with food, because you would lose some of the subtle flavors like that honey flavor I found.

Here is my stitched version:
Here is all of them so far:


  1. Well done on your designated driver status! Pretty stitching!

  2. I'll have to try this one it sounds delicious :)