Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week one of my Riolis kit, The Palace Garden

Well, I have a week's worth of progress to show, now, for my new Riolis kit, The Palace Garden.
I am still loving this kit, a lot! I am not a fan of all the scattered confetti stitches, but the end result is amazing, and I have projects that are even worse about it.

My favorite part about this kit is still the thread! I did have to take a little time off from working on this to stitch up the beer from my last post, and as I was stitching it, my thread got tangled. That made me realize that I haven't had any issues with the thread in the kit tangling up at all. No knots or anything! It has been a joy to work with.

Here is where I was on day 1:
Here is where I am after week 1: