Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New fabric is here!

Happy dance! I have my new fabric now for my 2 new starts. Since Wrath is already kitted up and ready to go, it only makes sense that I start with Luminaro, right? Right?

*sigh* Since I made the decision to stitch Luminaro, it is the only thing I can think about working on. It is screaming at me to start it. Unfortunately, Wrath will have to wait. Besides, I don't have all the thread bobbinated, yet... yeah, that's it...

Here is where I started (new start, Ha!) :

Here is where I am so far, after a week. This one is stitching up so fast! This is after one week of progress.

I decided to do this one a little differently than Farewell. As you can see, I am still using the Easy Count fabric (LOVE this stuff), but I am using 25 count instead of 28. I started once with 2x1 tent stitch, but the coverage wasn't anywhere close to how I like it. I then stitched a 2x1 section and a 1x1 section. I wasn't happy with either of those, either. The 2x1 was too bulky, but the 1x1 seemed too sparse. I think I have been using the 28 ct fabric too long.
I went back online to see some more examples, and decided to go with the 1x1. The 1x1 on Farewell did get a bit hard to stitch in the confetti area, so maybe 25 ct will be better. Hopefully it all works out.
As it is, I want to exchange my other fabric piece that I got for a 28 ct piece, instead. I'll work on this one a little bit more to get an idea of how it turns out, but I am not happy with the coverage so far.


  1. For these big full coverage pieces thats the worst thing you have to be happy with them. They take so long and so much effort. Hope you can figure out what you like the most.

  2. I'm the over way, I just tried 28ct 1 over 1 and found I don't like it then went 25ct 1 over 1 and found I love it. It's people's choice really if you don't like the fabric on a huge project like a haed you will end up not stitching it. If 28ct is your thing then stitch on that. Happy stitching!!!

  3. Hope you find a count that gives you the best coverage and that you are happy with. You did make quite a bit of progress there.