Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cross stitch stand

In the wake of my disappointing news a few weeks ago that I can't have Lasik, I decided to splurge on myself and use some of the money I saved up for surgery to buy a cross stitch stand.
Now, I had already done some research into some stands and had already ordered a small one from a company in China. I decided to wait for it to arrive before buying anything large or expensive. I wanted to see how I like using a stand, and the price on this one was great.
Here is a picture of it:

The stand finally arrived, but right away, I could tell something was wrong. The packaging had gotten damaged in transit, and the end of it had a hole on one side. I opened it up and took quick stock of all the parts. It looks like all the wood pieces are present, but the small bag that held the screws had gotten torn open, so I only had 2 screws left.
I have contacted the seller and let them know about the damage. I asked for a list of the screw sizes so I could just go to the hardware store to pick up replacements, since screws don't cost much, but they are sending me a whole screw kit replacement. I hope I don't have to wait another month for it to arrive.

For those who have or use a cross stitch stand, what kind do you have or recommend and why? Do you love yours? I'm wanting some info on stands for when I decide to purchase a bigger, expensive one.


  1. I use the Edmunds 6111 Craft Supplies Universal Stand and like it. It was inexpensive. is made with real wood and, like you, I wanted to try a stand out before investing in a really expensive one. I like stitching with a stand because you can use two hands and I feel that I touch the fabric and stitches less and keep it cleaner. This stand was nice because you can use stretcher bars, Q-snaps or scroll frames without re-configuring the frame. On the other hand with my big piece on the stretcher bars the stand tilts forward a bit to compensate for the weight. Good luck on your frame!

  2. I wish I could afford a good stand, but my favorite one was a lap stand I bought from a seller on eBay who made them (he's no longer in business) and it was VERY cheap. It's typically the stand I use on every project. I do need a really good floor stand though because I still haven't found one that works well for me.

    Good luck with yours and I also hope that it doesn't take too long for the replacement parts to come in!

  3. I have a cheap one from Michaels but I like it. I ordered a millennium frame so it all depends on if it can hold it