Sunday, May 15, 2016

IHCW, or International Hermit and Craft Weekend!

So, this weekend was IHSW again. Since I have another craft fair coming up next weekend, I didn't get any stitching done at all, though. Instead, I did some other crafts for my booth. Let me show you what I did make!

I had ordered supplies to make some cabochon necklaces, and they all finally came in last week. I like to use old Game Informer magazines to create glass marble magnets, and thanks to a co-worker giving me a bunch, I have a lot to go through. I picked out a few of my favorites from the images I had, and made them into the necklaces as a test.

Unfortunately, my first test batch didn't do so well. Out of 5, only one was salvageable, and the rest have to be tossed or given away. I didn't account for the black backing of the pendant tray showing through the lighter colors, so it just looks bad. Here are my failures:

So, I adjusted my process a little bit, and the results are much better than before. Here are some of the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that I made.

P.S. My last color of thread came in, so I can start on the Paisley Peacock soon!


  1. Ooo I love the galaxy one but I think the failures look great too! I love the link one :)