Sunday, May 22, 2016

Successful craft fair

I had my craft fair over the weekend, and it was a success!
I don't do fairs as a living, so I am usually just happy to at least make enough to cover my booth fees. I would love to eventually do this as a living, but in the mean time, I am starting out small and building up to it.
Here is a picture of my booth:

Now, for those of you thinking, "Wow, it's a little dark", you are correct! I had an awesome spot right in the front where everyone was coming in and going out. However, the light right above my booth was burned out, and maintenance wasn't able to get it replaced. I was really bummed about getting stuck in the dark for the fair, since most of what I sell is jewelry, and you need good lighting for it.
Shortly after this picture was taken, though, I was able to move just across the hall (from about the spot where I stood to take this picture), since there was an empty spot. It was perfect. I was still in the front, and I had light, too!

Now that the fair is over, I'm wanting to get back to stitching, since I'm not planning on another fair until October.
I have signed up for a color SAL that takes place on Tuesday, 5/24. I have that day off from work since it is the hubby's birthday, so I hope to get some stitching in. I will be stitching only red that day. It should be interesting. I have plenty of red left in my Candy Cane Christmas. 
If I do get all the red done in my Candy Cane Christmas, then I think I'll pick up Qingming again, as requested by a buddy of mine. True, there really is no red in it (at least not in the section where I am), but I want to get more progress done on page 3.


  1. Well done on the craft fair success! I like the sound of your colour SAL.

  2. Congrats on the successful fair! And yay for Qingming - such an awesome stitch project!

  3. Great job with the fair I hope you made some money!