Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Saturday done!

I got to work on my Candy Cane Christmas again this past Saturday. It may not seem like much, but it seemed to take forever filling in that gingerbread woman!

Here is where I was last:

And here is where I am now:

This weekend I also bought myself a plastic project keeper box to store this in when I'm not working on it. I love it so far. I may buy a couple more for my other projects so they don't get dirty/dusty while waiting for me to work on them.

On another note, it seems that everybody is in favor of my wild shopping spree. I have started making a list of the fabric I will need to buy. I may not buy it all in the same place, but I will post my stash once I get it (although it may not be until after the new year)!


  1. Beautiful progress. Us stitchers understand the feeling like you didn't get much done but we know how much it really takes. LOL Leave it to us to want to spend money haha.

  2. Wonderful progress this week Sasha. Again, I did not work on mine. Shame on me.


  3. We know how long it takes to make such progress, don't be harsh on yourself.
    Great progress and it's looking so lovely!
    Looking forward to admire all your new stash :)

  4. Looking great! I've not done much of mine but I will post an update today! Well done :)