Friday, December 26, 2014

Very Merry Christmas!

I had a good Christmas this year.
My husband and I looked through the house, and it does look like I accidentally threw away that fabric for the 99 beers project! I'm mad at myself over that one. My mom did owe me a little money, though, so I'm having her buy me another one rather than pay me back. I will hopefully have the replacement in about a week.
Here is the picture of the rest of my fabric stash, though!

Also, my mom doesn't cross stitch any longer. I think it bothers her wrist and her eyes. So... she gave me all of her threads!
Unfortunately, my niece had gotten ahold of it and dumped out all of the floss boxes into a pile, so they are no longer organized. Here is what I got, though! (Yes, this is one of those huge ice cream buckets, overflowing)

I have also finally completed page 2 of my ginormous Qingming project! Yay!

I will be moving on, now to another project for a while. To help me decide which one, I entered all my new and current projects into a randomizer that I downloaded onto my phone, and it chose...
Mouse Embroider!

Edit: Update! I found my beer fabric! Hoo-ray!


  1. Don't you just love it when the little ones try to help. lol Nice progress on Qingming. Love the mouse.


    1. She's not so little! She's nearly 13!

  2. Haha, I use a random item picker for my projects too. Makes deciding so much easier! Looking forward to updates ^_^

  3. Oooh nice floss bucket! :D Now you can have the fun(?) of organizing them all over again. I'm looking forward to watching the lil Mouse grow

  4. Nice bucket o' floss! Congrats on finishing page 2 of Qingming!

  5. Great new stash. So glad you were able to find the fabric. Congrats on finishing page 2. Love the new project. Look forward to watching your progress.