Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday SAL update

In my endeavors to try and catch up on the Candy Cane Christmas project, I have gotten in some noticeable progress!
On Monday I finished up the second R and the candy cane. Tuesday provided the finish for the candy between the M and C. Then the rest of the progress was done Saturday!

Here I was when I last updated:

Here is where I am now:

Forgive the bad lighting in my pictures. It never fails, I'm usually in a rush to take a picture as I'm headed out the door, so I don't have time to get a better shot. You can still see the progress, though!

I was so worried about keeping up on this project, and somehow had it in my head that this would be completed by Christmas. I realize now, that this is not the case, so my freaking out has lessened. Although, if you count next Christmas, then we should be done by then... maybe...


  1. Wonderful progress Sasha. You are way ahead of me. I didn't work on mine this week. I have two lapghans to crochet and I've been working on my Turtle Trot pieces.


  2. Great progress. It's a beautiful project.

  3. HUGE Progress!!! It looks lovely Sasha :)

  4. You have made great progress! I missed a week of working on mine due to having to do some Christmas shopping and such but managed to do a little this week. I'm happily stitching slowly and steadily, it'll be done when it's done!