Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Upcoming projects

My new fabric order has arrived! Woohoo!
I don't have a picture of the new stash yet, but I figured I would make a post about my planned projects in the mean time. I'll post a picture of the fabric awesomeness once I can get a picture (and once I can find a part of it that I may or may not have accidentally thrown away!).

Here are my planned projects:

Chinese Phoenix, Joan Elliott

Giza (kit), Dome

Kyoto (kit), Dome
I've actually started this one, just a little bit in the corner. I'll post more on it later when I have some real progress to show.

Cut Thru Rocket

Hangin' with my Peeps, Sue Hillis

Pillage and Plunder, Sue Hillis

Boo-gie Fever, Sue Hillis
(Yes, I like Sue Hillis designs!)

The Day of the Dragon
(I couldn't find a better picture than this one)

London Calling
from The World of Cross Stitching #193, 8/2012

Panda Row
Discovery of the New World

Mouse Embroider
(Not sure of the actual real name of this one)

Kasuga Shrine, Nara

Aquarium, Susan Bates
from Cross Stitch Gold

Zojoji Temple
Aim Right
(Not sure of the actual name on this one, either)
(This from a Polish? magazine, and since I do not understand the language, the actual name of this one is a mystery, as well)

And last, we have the one I am most excited about (and the one that I think I may have accidentally thrown away the fabric for). A buddy and I are going to both be working on this one together. We are going to do it slowly, and actually try to sample each of the beers. Each update on this will be after we have tried a beer and stitched it. We will post our thoughts on the beer itself and what we liked/didn't like. I can't wait!
99 by Ink Circles

This is my crazy list! I don't think I forgot anything (the actual list is at home, so this is all I could remember). There is one more project I am planning to make, but I don't have the fabric for it, yet, as it is a little pricier than regular fabric.

Sleepy Hollow


  1. Holy cow - that's a lengthy list! I love, love, LOVE that phoenix! I also can't wait for the beer project too!

  2. Oh wow Sasha. I love all of them. I am so looking forward to seeing you work on these next year.


  3. What a list! I love the Joan Elliott ones, but I am a sucker for her designs! The Headless Horseman is one that I've always wanted to stitch and I will get around to it....one day! We went to Egypt for our honeymoon so I look forward to seeing those stitched up too :)

  4. Oh my, you've definitely got a lot of stuff to work on! Can't wait to see them going :)

  5. The mouse embroiderer is adorable! I love all the Asian stitches you've got planned, especially Zojoji. :D

  6. Oh wow what a beautiful list of charts. I look forward to watching your progress on all of them.