Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Missing my magnet mojo

I don't know if it is because I have been sick (I'm sure that it contributed a lot), but I seem to have lost my magnet mojo. I was going good there for a while, but things have fizzled. Now if only this stupid cold would fizzle out, I would be much happier.
I did buy the magnets to attach to the backs of all the ones that I made up to now, but I don't think I will make any more for a while.

Here is the pile of magnets that I ended up with. Not looking forward to all the gluing of magnets, though.

On another note, I have picked up cross stitching again. With my recent magnet push going, I have fallen behind on the Candy Cane Christmas Saturday SAL that I am working on with Miamina and Linda, so I actually worked on that one a little bit last night. I will post my progress on it after next weekend. I hope I am able to catch up (but if not, then I'll just be perpetually behind, I guess).

I actually like working on this with others. They are keeping me motivated to keep working on the project (the month of magnets aside). Once I catch up, I'll cut back to only Saturdays again and pick up something else. I think Qingming is the one calling me the loudest right now.


  1. Love your pile of magnets. I look forward to seeing your cross stitch project.

  2. I'm loving your pile of magnets Sasha. Don't worry about Candy Cane Christmas. I have hardly touched mine.


  3. I know the feeling. I started a magnet set where I was making all 150 original pokémon and I ended up stopping after the first 11. Feel better soon! Your magnets are awesome!

  4. There'll be plenty of time to come back to them later if you want - they look awesome!

  5. I've not got that much of Candy Cane Christmas done and with Christmas fast approaching, my weekends seem to be getting hijacked for cleaning and shopping amongst other things! I will try and stitch a bit on it though as and when I can!

    I love the magnets though, they are really cute!