Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I found a great picture!

I have found a great closeup picture of the section of Qingming that I am working on. I love having this picture so I know that mine is coming out the way it is supposed to, and now I can actually show people what this section will look like. Click on the picture to get an even closer look!

I have been working on this a lot this past week. Comparing the new picture with the last one, I can definitely see the sections that were done. Can you tell?

Last picture:

Latest progress:

I'm happy with my progress! I'll be even happier when I finish pages 2 and 3, and can move on to page 4 and work on buildings!


  1. Wonderful progress Sasha.


  2. You got a lot done!!! Love the close up picture. Glad you were able to find that.

  3. Wow, every time I see this I'm so envious! Well done!!

  4. Lovely progress on QM; that close up shot is fantastic for showing what your finish will look like :D. I bet the buildings will seem to fly by after the mountain.